RPS promises full review in bid to become ‘more transparent’

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RPS promises full review in bid to become ‘more transparent’

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has promised to carry out a full review of its constitution and supporting governance structures as it strives to become “a more transparent organisation.”

The professional leadership body has invited applications from interested parties to hold the review, which it wants to start in May, with a March 18 deadline for applications to be submitted. 

The RPS said the review should look at the mechanisms needed to “welcome other professional groups that may wish to join us into the organisation,” putting patient insight at the heart of its strategy and having “clear pathways” in place for delivering assessment, credentialling and education services. 

The review, the RPS added, should also explore the implications of moving to charitable status or another legal structure and will produce a series of recommendations on how all of this can be achieved by its corporate and governance structure.

RPS chief executive Paul Bennett said the decision to hold a full review was prompted by the findings last year of an independent review of member participation and RPS communications which found its “current governance structures mean the way the organisation operates often seems opaque.”

Bennett added: “This resonates with various motions tabled at our AGM last year calling for greater transparency and different ways of working across a number of our governance structures.”

He also said the UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership “usefully highlighted key questions” on the issue.

“To best serve both members and the profession now is the right time to undertake a robust, independent review of both the constitution and governance structures of the organisation to ensure we are fit for the future to deliver for pharmacy,” Bennett said.

The RPS said its members “and stakeholders” will have the chance to air their views during the review.

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