Challenge your thinking on warts and verrucas

Discover different treatment options for warts and verruas and when to recommend them to your customers, based on their individual needs

Challenge your thinking on warts and verrucas

  • Do you know what your customers want from a wart/verruca treatment?
  • Can you list three different treatment options?
  • Are you comfortable tailoring your advice to different customers?

This module is designed to make sure you are fully up to date on wart and verruca treatments and offers insights into different customer needs, giving you the confidence to advise on the most appropriate treatment to meet those needs.

Learning objectives

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different products available from the pharmacy
  • Learn about the benefits of using cryotherapy or formic acid to treat warts and verrucas
  • Understand how EndWarts FREEZE and EndWarts PEN work differently to each other
  • Be able to tailor product advice to each customer's specific needs

EndWarts® products are medical devices. Always read
the instructions for use carefully before application.


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